ESPN Films – The Depth Chart: Auburn & Arkansas

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I had the privilege of shooting again for DLP Entertainment, a production house out of LA, for 35 days this past August and 2 weeks in September on two ESPN Films. We had a small footprint crew, and had the great opportunity to work with DP, Matt Pederson and his First AC Scott Jannson. As one of two camera operators on each film, our team was embedded with the team and coach’s for 35 days in Auburn and 14 days in Arkansas.

It was a real privilege to work on these projects and I totally admire the guts it took for the Ex. Producer, Mike Hughes, to push for the stylistic choices of shooting a documentary almost entirely Cine-Style! It made the actual shooting a bit more difficult but the images speak for themselves. The Post Production team did an incredible job with the turn around and produced a stellar finished product!


“The series aims to offer a rarely-seen glimpse into the lives of these elite student-athletes.  Hour-long installments at Auburn, Oklahoma State, and Wisconsin will chronicle the lives of QBs, from freshman recruit to incumbent senior, beginning with the rigors of training and practice and continuing through each school’s first home game. Depth Chart culminates at Arkansas with the final episode exploring how each QB on the depth chart prepares for game week.

Utilizing specialized cameras and lenses, the filmmakers will capture the drama playing out live on the field with a cinematic quality previously unseen in this genre on ESPN. Depth Chart is produced by ESPN Content Development and DLP Entertainment.”

A review from

“So it was with great interest that I watched Arkansas’ episode, which aired last week. By the time I was through, I felt like I had watched the most beautiful sports infomercial ever. Visually, the piece is stunning.

The cameras’ cutting-edge clarity, coupled with gorgeous lighting, give some of the scenes an otherwordly effect. Everyday, ho-hum sights from my UA college days — Fayetteville’s square, sorority row, the pre-game pep rally at the campus’ amphitheater — transform into something out of Lord of Rings under the spell of these magical cameras.”


England: Manchester Derby Promo

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So, after being in Manchester, England for the last 4 days I have come to one conclusion…it rains…alot.

I’m currently on a shoot for a 3 minute feature that will play before the Manchester United vs. Manchester City Soccer Derby on American televisions this coming weekend. Producer, Adam Goldberg, and I are trying to capture the local flavor of the city and the passion for soccer up here in the northern part of England.

Being my first time to the UK it seems odd to say but, the city and the surrounding landscape has been almost exactly as I have imagined it. I guess movies have done the place justice, thanks Harry Potter.

Check out the Darby October 23rd on Fox Soccer.



TV Spot – Heavenly 2011 Summer

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Heavenly’s 2011 summer spot is now airing. Deep Roots Media produced the piece over the past 2 weeks. We have been getting some questionable weather up here in Tahoe as of late, so when a decent opportunity arrived, we squeezed all the shooting into one day! We got pretty lucky and Heavenly is super happy with the finished product. We are waiting for another spell of good weather to shoot the Climbing Wall and Spider Climber/Slide so we can replace the 2 years old footage we had to use.


Showtime Sports “Fight Camp 360″

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Had a busy April! Started the month off with my final winter shoots for both Heavenly Mountain Resort and Northstar-at-Tahoe then flew down to LA/Big Bear for 6 days to shoot for “Fight Camp 360″, Showtime’s 4 part documentary series about the Pacquiao vs Mosley Boxing match. I then flew to Alaska for 2 weeks filming an expedition to the Arctic Circle…more to come on that later! :)

From Showtime Sports on Fight Camp 360: “Inside their lives. Outside the ring. SHOWTIME SPORTS presents FIGHT CAMP 360°: PACQUIAO VS. MOSLEY. This four-part documentary series gives fans unprecedented access to the lives of boxing superstars Manny Pacquiao and “Sugar” Shane Mosley as they prepare for their World Welterweight Championship matchup. Go beyond the gym and behind the scenes for a ringside seat into the deals, disputes and drama leading up to the biggest boxing event of the year.”

I shot for Episode 2 & 3 at the Shane Mosley camp. You can check out the full episodes here: Ep. 2Ep. 3

Be sure to catch the fight tomorrow, May 7th at 9pm ET/6pm PT!


Deep Roots Media features at NAB 2011

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The Deep Roots Media production of the “Let Nevada Capture Your Heart”, Nevada 2011 Winter Advertising Campaign, videos are being featured in Killer Tracks NAB booth this year.

NAB is the biggest trade show of the year for Broadcast Professionals. “For more than 85 years, the NAB Show continues to be the essential destination for broad-casting professionals who share a passion for bringing content to life on any platform — even if they have to invent it. From creation to consumption, this is the place where possibilities become realities.”

KillerTracks is one of the largest production music services around. They are unique in the fact that they have a an abundance of complex music from extremely talented artist around the world.

KillerTracks is using the Travel Nevada Campaign as one of the featured productions to show off what their service has to offer! –

Make it to NAB if you can,


Northstar-at-Tahoe Lifestyle Shoot

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I’ve recently been spending a lot of time on Tahoe’s north shore shooting at Northstar-at-Tahoe for their next season’s marketing campaign. I’ve been working with photographer, Corey Rich, as we captured lifestyle shots through out their Village base as well as the on-mountain Ritz-Carlton. It’s exciting to tell the story of Northstar and It’s been very enjoyable working with the Marketing team there. Above are a few still grabs from the video I shot. This spring I will be cutting a Northstar overview sales video that will use the assets we have captured this season.


eBay “This is How I Shop” Shoot

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I recently was on assignment for Aurora Novus shooting a corporate piece for eBay & PayPal. The video tells the story about the convergence of online and offline shopping in our current day and age. I was in San Francisco and Los Angeles for 3 days where I shot 5 of the set ups/stories you see in the film. They include both coffee shops, exotic car dealer, the skate shop and the mother with her toddlers.

We were a small footprint crew working on an extremely quick production schedule. I had a very enjoyable time working with the Director, Tim Matsui. He, the editor Jason Bosch and the guys at Aurora Novus did a great job putting the piece together.

-Dane – Gear Test Shoot

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Deep Roots was out in Utah shooting for’s upcoming Gear Test/Review App. The Test was done at Snowbasin, the same resort the recently released movie “Frozen” was filmed. It was a great location, we had a day of firm snow then the following day was 8 inches of fresh to test the wide skis. The piece we shot will be a video showing the behind the scenes of the test, wanted a video that validated their ski test. We had a great crew with Mike Hagadorn and Josh Bruner running 2nd camera and assisting. I’ll post a link when the video is completed.


Terrain Parks @ Heavenly – Feature Video

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Heavenly Mountain Resort asked for a piece to not only show off their terrain parks but to also show viewers what goes into creating, designing and building a park system at the resort. Heavenly’s location makes for a beautiful back drop to shoot this type of video.


Midnight Riders – Feature Video

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Well, we’ve had a bit of dry spell this past month in Lake Tahoe and the dreaded sierra cement has started to show up. These kind of conditions make a ski resorts grooming operations that more important. Heavenly asked for a video that tells the story of their Grooming Operations crew. These guys do a top notch job and can turn a bad snow surface into a dream to ski. I really enjoyed the midnight swing shift I pulled with the crew, very cool stuff these guys do at night!

You can also watch the video at