US Ski Team: Sho Kashima

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We shot with Sho Kashima recently and cut a quick Promo for US Freestyle Ski Teams National Competition being held at Heavenly Mt. Resort.

We will be producing a 6 minute larger profile piece on Sho for Heavenly Mountain Resort to be completed in April.

- Quick half day edit in Premiere CS6
- Super quicky grade in RCX and 5D/Gopro with Looks

- Shot on RED Epic X, Canon 5Dm2 & GoPro3

The Good Life: PNW – Ski Travel Series

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- Above is the complete 4 Part series -

12 Days on the Road shooting a ski travel series for We had a great team with Producer Tim Shisler, Shooter/RC Heli Pilot Mike Hagadorn, Photographer & Host Liam Doran and myself. We met and skied with absolutely talented pro athletes and ski resort employees.

The Mt. Hood Meadows and Stevens Pass episodes were edited by Mike Hagadorn & I edited the Crystal & Baker Mountain videos.

This is a 4 part series starting at Mt. Hood Meadows, Crystal Mountian, Stevens Pass & Mt Baker.

Thanks to everyone we met along the way!


Kirkwood Shooting Begins

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Tahoe has had an incredible December with snow, snow, snow. We have already been shooting quite a few days with some great athletes in deep snow. We will producing 4 short films telling different stories for Kirkwood Mountain Resort

Shooting on RED Epic, Canon 5D and GoPro3 Black

Check out a few teases of what we got so far:

Kirkwood Test Shoot – Winter is here!

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Winter has come to Tahoe with town getting over a foot of snow and the higher elevation more than 2 feet in just 3 days!

I’ll be doing a lot of shooting this year for Kirkwood Mountain Resort, and since I have only been there to enjoy the snow and world class terrain as a skier I thought it was a good time to get out there and start looking at it as a photographer. So we headed out to Kirkwood to see if we could shoot cross valley from Red Cliffs to the resorts in bounds terrain. Definitely got to say it was a sucess, as the Nikon 400mm f3.5 on the RED Scarlet punched in on the other side of the valley way closer than I thought it would! This will definitely be one of our longs lens angles for this coming winter. We were also testing some new IR ND filters on some of our wider lenses to see how they performed with the snow landscape.

Ummm, and saw some wildlife out there too. :)

Farewell Argentina…

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I’m a bit sad to say good bye to Bariloche, Argentina…and yet never sad to come back to my home in Lake Tahoe.

We just wrapped a 15 day production in the Andes Mts of Argentina, shooting rock climbing, skiing and mountain travel. This was another great project with Corey Rich, the Corey Rich Productions team and the top tier athletes (like Pip Hunt) that made shooting in the mountains seem simple. Although I can’t give many specifics on the project right now, I would like to say thanks to Willie and Damian Benegas and their killer team of guides that made so much of the production possible.

When the footage finally rolls out in it’s finished form I’ll be sure to let you know!


Elite 11 – ESPN

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For a week in in the middle of July I went and shot from dusk till dawn on the ESPN two part series “The Elite 11″. DLP Entertainment did an insane job cutting these two shows in less than two weeks! I was hired on to shoot specialty, scenic, slo motion and interviews with the RED Scarlet Cinema Camera. Worked with a great crew…DP/John Belinski, Specialty Cam/Chris Satmey, Audio/Brian Lehaire, a bunch of super talented NFL film shooters for the story cameras and of course the great guys from DLP, ExPrd/Mike Hughes, Prd/Adam Goldberg, Prd/Graeme Smith, PrMg/John Deleon….and a bunch of others!

Check out DLP’s Blog to learn more about the production.

To Learn more about the Elite 11 Competition.

Nikon – “WHY” D4 Release Video

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Well the Nikon D4 Camera has finally been released! I’m super proud to have been part of the production team for the release film “WHY”!

Nikon asked Corey Rich, adventure photographer and filmaker, to dream up a project that would not only show off the D4’s video capabilities but inspire those that watch the film. Corey brought together 3 of the top adventure athletes in the world to figure out why they do what they do…a glimpse inside their minds!

As one of the 3 shooters and film editor on the project, I can not say thanks enough to Corey Rich for asking me to be a part of the production of the film. I had an unforgettable time working with Corey Rich, Rex Lint, Shawn Corrigan, Mike Hagadorn, Marina Rich, Blaine Deutsch, Jason Jenkins, Tommy Thompson, Chris Mac and all three of the insane athletes in Mexico, Moab and Joshua Tree.

We are currently working on a Behind the Scenes video to accompany the film. It will answer many questions you may have of how many of the shots were captured. So stay tuned!

The video has been getting an incredible amount of views and great feedback on Nikon’s Website, Vimeo and Youtube, with almost a half million aggregate views in only 3 days!

Jump on over to Corey Rich’s blog to get a little more insight into how he came up with the project.

You can view it here:

WHY on Vimeo

WHY on YouTube

WHY on Nikon’s Website

Client: Nikon
Production Company: Corey Rich Productions
Director/Director of Photography: Corey Rich
Post Production Services: Novus Select
Film Editor: Dane Henry
Camera Operators: Dane Henry, Rex Lint, Shawn Corrigan
Heli/Aerial Camera: Mike Hagadorn


Deep North: A Trip to the Arrigetch Peaks

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Well, this was a giant of a project and we finally get to talk about it!

Corey Rich, Adventure Photographer and Filmaker, put together an incredibly ambitious trip…to summit AND document unclimbed peaks in the Arctic Circle! He put together a great team of adventures and friends. I came along to film and support Corey’s filming (as he had to focus much of his time on still photography).

We had several deliverable’s to various clients, Nikon needed a Behind the Scenes of an Arctic Adventure, Patagonia needed a trip report and Polartec needed several shorter videos about the adventure. It was a long Post-Production process, Corey and I spent countless hours in the edit suite for everything that needed to be done. The clients wanted a cleanly toned Color Grade, nothing to fancy, so that you could really see what it was like out there.

Above is the 1st video to go live, Patagonia’s “Deep North: A trip to the Arrigetch Peaks”. You can also view it at Patagonia’s website I will post the rest as they go live. Enjoy…

Client: Patagonia, Production Company: Novus Select, Director: Corey Rich, Cameras: Corey Rich & Dane Henry, Editor: Dane Henry


RED 4K Ultra-High Definition Cinema Camera – In Tahoe!

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Big news for the Tahoe area, Deep Roots Media, has purchased the brand new RED Scarlet-X Digital Cinema Camera! We are super excited to share the advance in technology and the unparalleled images produced by the RED Scarlet-X to our client’s productions. The camera fits directly into the philosophy of Deep Roots Media, simply to provide the best images possible! The RED Scarlet-X shoots RAW, just like a professional stills camera, but in motion and at 4,000 pixels wide! Not only does this future proof footage, it gives a production the added flexibility in the edit to re-frame, zoom in, vfx motion track with precision and pull Hi-Res stills from the actual footage.

We have received the 1st few bits of our package this past week and are waiting for final delivery of our new camera.

Here is a link to the tech specs:

We will update when the camera system completely arrives.


Discovery Channel – Flying Wild Alaska

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Tune in to the Discovery Channel on Friday, December 9th at 10pm EST/PST (9pm CST) to see some of my peeps & maybe me(?????) on the small screen as we’re featured in Flying Wild Alaska.

Join Corey Rich, Tommy Caldwell, Hayden Kennedy, Todd Offenbacher, Tommy Thompson and myself as we head out on an expedition to climb & film unclimbed peaks in the Alaska’s Brooks Range. With the one & only bush pilot Jim Tweeto flying us in, it’s gonna be a killer adventure!

BIG, BIG thanks to Tommy Baynard & Trans-Global Group for the opportunity to be a part of their hit TV show and for the vision to make this awesome adventure a reality!
Additional thanks to Nikon, Patagonia, Polartec and Revo for their support of this expedition.”Flying Wild Alaska”

You can check out the trailers here: