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Time In The Pines – Climbing Series

Posted on September 20, 2013 • Comments Off

Deep Roots Media along with SkyPoint Visuals are producing a series of rock climbing shorts based around the Tahoe basin’s new era of hard but classic boulder problems. Over the past few years a select group of hard climbing Tahoe locals have been scouring the area and secretly been picking off world class granite problems. The whispers are starting to get out. This series is a tip of the hat to the hard work that select few have put in. The series feature repeats by the new wave of boulderers in Tahoe and we also plan to get some of the first ascensionist in on it as well.

This was also a great opportunity for us to push forward the way bouldering has traditionally been filmed and to test out some new gear and use it in a different way. Sean Haverstock, of SkyPoint Visuals, had his Hand Held Stabilized Gimbal on location. We stuck it on the end of our 15′ jib with the ability to control and view the camera axis wirelessly. Although we only got a few takes, because of time constraints, we were really psyched about the potential shots this combination can have. Once we had finished with the jib Sean was able to easily detach the Hand Held Gimbal and use it for walking and tracking shots. The versatility this gives a small footprint production really enhances the speed and efficiency that we can work at.

Above is a short behind the scenes video to show the jib and gimbal in action. The Gimbal shot with a Nikon D800 with a 16-35mm VR lens and all other footage was shot on RED Epic at 5K 96fps on Leica-R and Canon lenses. Big thanks to the crew (Chris Stamey, John Considine, Bligh Gillies, Katherine Elliot, Noah Napier, Damion Estrada and David Outcalt) that came out and helped make this 1st episode happen!