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Hand Held Gimbal: Tahoe Test Drive

Posted on August 13, 2013 • Comments Off

Brushless motor driven Hand Held Gimbals are the latest tech everyone is clamoring about these days for creating limitless & smooth tracking shots. My good friend Sean Haverstock of SkyPoint Visuals, an ariel and handheld stabilization cinematography company, has built one here in Tahoe and we took it for it 1st test drive a couple days ago.

Here are some images we produced with it, as well as some behind the scenes footage. Even though this was our first time operating the gimbal we were able to produce some impressive shots. While not quite perfect yet, Sean is still dialing the gimbal in and figuring out how to get the most stable platform for us to run our cameras on. I’m really impressed with what he has done so far. The running shots with the swing bikes blew my mind. We didn’t add any post-stabilization so that people could see just how good the gimbal is operating.

This new toy has now been added to our arsenal, contact us if you want to play with it!

Big thanks to the talent in the shots for haning out on a beautiful evening in Tahoe:

- Wandar Works Custom Bicycles: Jeremey Davis, Dan Benson & Josh Bruner

- Venture & Josh Bruner: Paddle Borders & Gymnast

- Chris Stamey & John Considine for shooting the Behind the Scenes footage