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Red Bull: Rusch Hour

Posted on June 6, 2013 • Comments Off

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Rebecca Rusch is tougher than you…and me and just about anyone else out there. Last week I had the great pleasure to document an athlete, at the height of her discipline, dig into the deeper places one has to go to topple a monumental challenge.

Corey Rich, myself and RC Heli Pilot, Sean Haverstock, were in Moab, Utah to create a video piece of Rebeccas record breaking ride on the Kokopelli Trail. We witnessed her ride 138 miles, over 17,00ft of elevation gained and more than 6,000 calories burned as she put in a new time record of 13 hours and 32 minutes!

A Note about the Films Production: Since access is limited or difficult we were able to shoot very little of the actual record breaking ride. The 1st reason was so that Rebecca had no distractions and the second being that we were a very small crew with limited bandwidth to get to each spot. The following 2 days after the record breaking ride we went back to some of Rebecca’s favorite locations on trail to film her on. It was a great way to show off the beauty and nature of the trail without interfering in anyway with her goal of breaking the record.

Enjoy, here is the link to the video:

We shot on RED Epic, Nikon D4, D800, GoPro3 and Sone NEX (heli). The footage was cut natively in Adobe Premiere Pro in a super tight window for earliest possible release.

Client: Red Bull
Production Company: Tectonic Media Group
Director/Cinematographer: Corey Rich
Cinematographer: Dane Henry
Heli Pilot/Ariel Photography: Sean Haverstock
Editor: Dane Henry