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ESPN Films – The Depth Chart: Auburn & Arkansas

Posted on November 20, 2011 • Comments Off

I had the privilege of shooting again for DLP Entertainment, a production house out of LA, for 35 days this past August and 2 weeks in September on two ESPN Films. We had a small footprint crew, and had the great opportunity to work with DP, Matt Pederson and his First AC Scott Jannson. As one of two camera operators on each film, our team was embedded with the team and coach’s for 35 days in Auburn and 14 days in Arkansas.

It was a real privilege to work on these projects and I totally admire the guts it took for the Ex. Producer, Mike Hughes, to push for the stylistic choices of shooting a documentary almost entirely Cine-Style! It made the actual shooting a bit more difficult but the images speak for themselves. The Post Production team did an incredible job with the turn around and produced a stellar finished product!


“The series aims to offer a rarely-seen glimpse into the lives of these elite student-athletes.  Hour-long installments at Auburn, Oklahoma State, and Wisconsin will chronicle the lives of QBs, from freshman recruit to incumbent senior, beginning with the rigors of training and practice and continuing through each school’s first home game. Depth Chart culminates at Arkansas with the final episode exploring how each QB on the depth chart prepares for game week.

Utilizing specialized cameras and lenses, the filmmakers will capture the drama playing out live on the field with a cinematic quality previously unseen in this genre on ESPN. Depth Chart is produced by ESPN Content Development and DLP Entertainment.”

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“So it was with great interest that I watched Arkansas’ episode, which aired last week. By the time I was through, I felt like I had watched the most beautiful sports infomercial ever. Visually, the piece is stunning.

The cameras’ cutting-edge clarity, coupled with gorgeous lighting, give some of the scenes an otherwordly effect. Everyday, ho-hum sights from my UA college days — Fayetteville’s square, sorority row, the pre-game pep rally at the campus’ amphitheater — transform into something out of Lord of Rings under the spell of these magical cameras.”