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“Fleece-a-Nista” – Fashion Photo & Video Shoot

Posted on January 13, 2010 • Comments Off

This past few days saw me up in North Lake Tahoe shooting a piece for photographer, Colin Vincent. He was shooting the new line of designer fleece wear from “Fleece-a-Nista”. Designed by Jeane F, she had a great vibe and produced the hell out of this shoot! I was able to get Chris Stamey for the 1st day of the shoot to grip and help with the all the production elements for the video. I had not met Colin before the shoot, as he had found me online and liked the style of my work, he asked me to produce a piece chronicling his latest project. Colin’s a very funny guy and his demeanor really helps make working with him easy, which in-turn makes for a very productive day. We shot at various locations around the North Shore & Truckee. Everyone on the project did an amazing job and it really shows in the shots Colin was able to capture. The above video is just a quick taste of some of the footage, it’s raw and has no color grading done. I will be working on the video piece for the next couple weeks, I will post when it’s finished.