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Video Featured on Photography Magazine and Aurora Novus websites

Posted on May 20, 2009 • Comments Off

PDN_1PDN_2A while back I cut a bio piece for Corey Rich Photography. The video is now being featured in an article on Photography Magazine’s website,, as well as Aurora Novus’ site. All video was shot by Corey Rich with the Nikon DSLR D90. There is a bit of a revolution starting to take place with DSLR camera technology being able to capture HD video. As of right now the compression of the video is heavy and fairly noticeable making it’s uses rather limited. BUT the ability to take advantage of the DSLR’s large sensor as well as the use of interchangeable lenses is what differentiates these cameras from a traditional video camera. The ability to get very shallow depth of field opens up many avenues for the creative shooter…might have to get me one of these!

Click here to view video. Click here for the article.

- Dane Henry