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Highmark Design Shoot – Nikon D90

Posted on May 22, 2009 • Comments Off

Did a shoot for a Graphic/Web Designer, Hanna Bernard of Highmark Design, with the Nikon D90. The Nikon D90 is one of the recent wave of DSLR camera to be able to shoot HD video as well as take stills. I was really impressed with the footage and love being able to use a selection of pro lenses. I was using Nikon 17-80mm, 200mm & 300mm lenses. Once you get the footage into your editing machine the codec is a little funky and the Mb per second is rather low. This gives you some artifacting and very little wiggle room with color correction. After using this camera as well as the Canon 5D mII, I am definitely sold on the images coming out of these cameras. The shallow DOF and the great latitude in the image really make these cameras stand out from many pro video cameras. The above video is a sample of what I shot.

-Dane Henry