Red Bull: Avaatara

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A rock climbing 1st ascent, by David Lama, out of the other worldly Baatara Gorge in Lebanon. David named the Route “Avaatara”, a combination of the place Baatara and the movie title “Avatar” that the gorge resembles.

Dane Henry hanging for the shot of David in the crux. Photo: Corey Rich

Dane Henry hanging for the shot of David in the crux. Photo: Corey Rich

Client: Red Bull
Production Services: Novus Select – Corey Rich Productions
Director: Corey Rich
Director of Photography: Dane Henry
Aerial & MoVI: Sean Haverstock
Additional Camera: Bligh Gillies
Video Editor: Dane Henry

The Noble Spirt Documentary

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“In December 2010, ski adventurer and world traveler Fred Noble was diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Since his diagnosis, Fred has dedicated his time to raising funds and awareness about the disease. Fred has faced this final, most challenging obstacle in his life with vigor and fortitude, working to inspire his friends and others to join him in his quest to do as much as he possibly can to help eradicate the disease.” – from

The Workflow:

For over 9 months we toiled away on Editing and shooting pick ups for this documentary. I was handed 4TB of footage shot over the previous 3 years. A mixture of all types of cameras were used, from GoPro and handycams to DSLRs and Sony f700s. The first order of business was to understand what had been shot and if a compelling story could be told. Fred’s stroy is a fascinating and inspiring look at how your past shapes your experiences and can prepare you for challenges in your future. We needed to see if that story was in the 4TB of footage.

I brought on Chris Stamey and John Considine to assistant edit, prep and go through all the footage. With the hard work these guys put in scouring through the footage I was able to get a good understanding about how we could build a narrative and what was missing that we would need to source and newly capture. There were stories that could only be told through archival images and video, interviews and video portraiture that would need to be shot, and scenes that we would have to be re-created.

I created a storyboard for the entire structure of the film, this gave the Directors and Producer a visual road map of how the film would flow. They gave the thumbs up and we moved ahead with the editing. We made a rough cut using only existing footage and interviews. This gave everyone a clear understanding what exactly was missing visually and what we needed to focus on for the final round of interviews. Both Andrea and Bob live in Portland and where able to pick some shots here and there. In June 2013, a huge moment came when they were able to shoot Fred Paragliding on the Washington coast for the last time. We had talked about this being the visuals for the final climax of the film. The day turned out to be just good enough to get Fred up in the air and get the shots!

We had gotten to the point in the edit where I needed to come up to Portland to shoot a handful of interviews with the people who would become the backbone of how we told the story. Fred had such a huge impact on his friends and family so we decided to use their voices to drive the story along. For the interviews I chose to do a fairly simple setup with no rim light, the new interviews couldn’t look completly different form the interviews shot by Andrea & Bob. But I did want them have a good feel and not be distracting to the viewer. I used a LitePanel Helio bounced off a 3×6′ white board as the key with fall off to one side of the face. No rim light and very little power on another Helio on the background. We also shot a bunch of slo-mo video portraiture with Fred, him looking at photos, in his chair with natural light falling on him, with hisbrother, getting acupuncture treatment, getting in his car and Fred’s wake up routine getting out of bed. I also had the luck of having a view of Mt. Hood from my hotel and was able to shoot a few scenic shots of the mountain and wildlife that got used in the film. All footage was shot on the RED Epic Cinema Camera with Leica-R Lenses. We also needed to re-create some visuals to cover Fred’s childhood memories. My wife and I had just had a son so I ended up using our buy, Camden, to play the part of Fred as a baby. I had my little cousin, Rhyder, play Fred as an 8 year old and Josh Bruner as Fred’s alcoholic father.

We edited the film in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and created the graphics in Adobe After Effects CC and Photoshop CC. Premiere does a great job at handling any video file you throw at it. After Effects & Photoshop were used to cut up, layer and bring to life many of Fred’s archival photos. We edited at 1920×1080 16×9 aspect ratio but for final export we gave it a 2:1 aspect ratio crop for a bit more of a widescreen feel.

Working on long form projects is really a mixed bag of emotions. At first there is a lot of excitement surrounding the project and as you get into the middle the reality of the undertaking hits you. The understanding of that reality and the drive to keep pushing forward, little detail by little is so very rewarding when you hit the finish line. There are obviously things I would have done differently, maybe cut out or delved deeper into for this film but in the end it is about fulfilling the wishes and desires set by your client. I’m really happy with the way the film has turned out and excited to to get it in front of viewers. The Producer & Directors are currently working on film festival submissions as the first step. I’ll post updates if we get selected.


“Framework” a Josh Daiek Ski Short Film

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We had the pleasure of cutting Josh Daiek’s latest ski segment “Framework”. Some beautiful footage of Josh deep in the snow covered framework of Sandon, BC

Footage from Salomon Freeski TV
Cinematography by Switchback Entertainment
Edit by Dane Henry – Deep Roots Media

The Legacy Collection: Kirkwood Mountain

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This is Kirkwood…remote, deep, steep and special. Kirkwood Mountain has now launched The Legacy Collection, a showcase site for the branding videos produced by Deep Roots Media. I had the great pleasure to shoot and produce these videos for Kirkwood Mountain’s 13/14′ branding. We were tasked with telling the story of the special place that is Kirkwood Mt. All content was shot last winter season.



Time In The Pines – Climbing Series

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Deep Roots Media along with SkyPoint Visuals are producing a series of rock climbing shorts based around the Tahoe basin’s new era of hard but classic boulder problems. Over the past few years a select group of hard climbing Tahoe locals have been scouring the area and secretly been picking off world class granite problems. The whispers are starting to get out. This series is a tip of the hat to the hard work that select few have put in. The series feature repeats by the new wave of boulderers in Tahoe and we also plan to get some of the first ascensionist in on it as well.

This was also a great opportunity for us to push forward the way bouldering has traditionally been filmed and to test out some new gear and use it in a different way. Sean Haverstock, of SkyPoint Visuals, had his Hand Held Stabilized Gimbal on location. We stuck it on the end of our 15′ jib with the ability to control and view the camera axis wirelessly. Although we only got a few takes, because of time constraints, we were really psyched about the potential shots this combination can have. Once we had finished with the jib Sean was able to easily detach the Hand Held Gimbal and use it for walking and tracking shots. The versatility this gives a small footprint production really enhances the speed and efficiency that we can work at.

Above is a short behind the scenes video to show the jib and gimbal in action. The Gimbal shot with a Nikon D800 with a 16-35mm VR lens and all other footage was shot on RED Epic at 5K 96fps on Leica-R and Canon lenses. Big thanks to the crew (Chris Stamey, John Considine, Bligh Gillies, Katherine Elliot, Noah Napier, Damion Estrada and David Outcalt) that came out and helped make this 1st episode happen!

creativeLive Still and Motion: Storytelling on Location

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To all my video and photo geek brethern, don’t miss Corey Rich’s creativeLive on-line live course next week, August 26th-28th.

I will be there helping go over shooting and video editing skills and Sean Haverstock will be showing off the latest tech in camera stabilization. It’s free if you watch it live…so don’t miss it!

Here is what creativeLive has to say about it:
“A lot of photographers have learned to add video into their repertoire through trial and error, often with frustrating results. Join seasoned visual storyteller Corey Rich for a 3-day live still-and-motion shoot on location. Corey will walk you through every step of the process — from storyboarding to post-production.

Whether you’re an enthusiast wanting to capture stills and video of your cousin’s wedding, or a professional photographer looking to offer stunning motion spots to your clients, this workshop will help you seamlessly bring your stories to life.”

- Dane Henry

Hand Held Gimbal: Tahoe Test Drive

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Brushless motor driven Hand Held Gimbals are the latest tech everyone is clamoring about these days for creating limitless & smooth tracking shots. My good friend Sean Haverstock of SkyPoint Visuals, an ariel and handheld stabilization cinematography company, has built one here in Tahoe and we took it for it 1st test drive a couple days ago.

Here are some images we produced with it, as well as some behind the scenes footage. Even though this was our first time operating the gimbal we were able to produce some impressive shots. While not quite perfect yet, Sean is still dialing the gimbal in and figuring out how to get the most stable platform for us to run our cameras on. I’m really impressed with what he has done so far. The running shots with the swing bikes blew my mind. We didn’t add any post-stabilization so that people could see just how good the gimbal is operating.

This new toy has now been added to our arsenal, contact us if you want to play with it!

Big thanks to the talent in the shots for haning out on a beautiful evening in Tahoe:

- Wandar Works Custom Bicycles: Jeremey Davis, Dan Benson & Josh Bruner

- Venture & Josh Bruner: Paddle Borders & Gymnast

- Chris Stamey & John Considine for shooting the Behind the Scenes footage


Red Bull: Rusch Hour

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Rebecca Rusch is tougher than you…and me and just about anyone else out there. Last week I had the great pleasure to document an athlete, at the height of her discipline, dig into the deeper places one has to go to topple a monumental challenge.

Corey Rich, myself and RC Heli Pilot, Sean Haverstock, were in Moab, Utah to create a video piece of Rebeccas record breaking ride on the Kokopelli Trail. We witnessed her ride 138 miles, over 17,00ft of elevation gained and more than 6,000 calories burned as she put in a new time record of 13 hours and 32 minutes!

A Note about the Films Production: Since access is limited or difficult we were able to shoot very little of the actual record breaking ride. The 1st reason was so that Rebecca had no distractions and the second being that we were a very small crew with limited bandwidth to get to each spot. The following 2 days after the record breaking ride we went back to some of Rebecca’s favorite locations on trail to film her on. It was a great way to show off the beauty and nature of the trail without interfering in anyway with her goal of breaking the record.

Enjoy, here is the link to the video:

We shot on RED Epic, Nikon D4, D800, GoPro3 and Sone NEX (heli). The footage was cut natively in Adobe Premiere Pro in a super tight window for earliest possible release.

Client: Red Bull
Production Company: Tectonic Media Group
Director/Cinematographer: Corey Rich
Cinematographer: Dane Henry
Heli Pilot/Ariel Photography: Sean Haverstock
Editor: Dane Henry

NCAA – Marc Buoniconti Story

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Earlier this year I had the pleasure of shooting Marc Buoniconti in Miami, Florida for the “NCAA/Buick Human Highlight Reel” Series. Watch the piece to learn more about his passion, will and drive that keeps him pushing for the cure of paralysis.

This was a quick one day shoot for DLP Entertainment with Producer Adam Goldberg. Shot on RED Epic with Leica R Lenses.


Spike TV – Playback360 Shoot

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Jamie Anderson - ©2013 Dane Henry/DeepRootsMedia

Deep Roots Media was up at Northstar California shooting 2 episodes of Playbook360 for SpikeTV hosted by Dhani Jones. We had a couple of great athletes for the shoot, X Games Slopestyle Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson and X Games Halfpipe Gold Medalists David Wise. The Northstar Marketing team gave us great access to the zones we needed to be in, big thanks to Brooke Rose!

Dane Henry DP’d the shoots and with Chris Stamey as 2nd Camera, and John Considine and Luis Rubio Assisting. We also had Spencer and Zach from Trespasser Prd. helping out as well. Great crew all around. The episodes will air soon in late February & early March. We shot on the RED Epic with Leica R Lenses, Canon 5d and GoPro3.